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Security is of utmost important to any person, be it a regular guy or a celebrity sitting in the lap of all luxuries, in today’s modern day era. Technology has evolved to such high standards, that physical presence of the person conducting the crime within the vicinity is not always necessary either. Crime has spread its paws into every possible corner of our lives, which makes the need for security measures the need of the hour.

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We know how important one’s home is. It is a reflection of who we are as people. However, it is not just our homes that need protecting. Even personal security and safety is a big concern with the ever booming population. Choose from myriad gadgets to have your back, while you go swimming or on a trek. There is no need to have your loved ones worry for your well being, while you are out enjoying.

Keeping these ideas in mind, What’s Your Dot aims at catering to the numerous security research needs of a person, all at one go. No more hours of scrolling through reviews of the same old products, while never really understanding which is the best option for you. With us backing you up, you’ll be all set in a jiffy.