Protecting Your Home on the Go with Netgear’s Arlo Home Security Cameras

Netgear is no doubt diving deeper into the home automation world by improving technology and coming up with the best home automation products. With the release of Arlo, the company is stamping its authority in the industry. This is a friendly mini-camera system which suggests the company’s ultimate smart home plans. Arlo enhances an effective safeguard and a convenient security system where it comes with four weatherproof wire-free cameras which are able to record super-clear HD footage which you can virtually access from anywhere by using your smartphone or tablet. This is so far the most effective and sophisticated home security system which suits every home.

Arlo is specially designed for the ever growing DIY home security market where it comes with two cameras which can be placed anywhere whether on top of a drawer, on the staircase or just anywhere. The camera also comes with a magnetic base which makes mounting to be easy, fast and convenient. Unlike the other cameras which need specialized mounting and assortment of tools to fix, Arlo can only be mounted on any surface. The weatherproof camera is able to take 720p quality videos which are clear and you can access from anywhere. They are powered with a motion alert and night vision making the cameras easy and suitable to use them even on the outdoors.

Arlo is designed with a lithium battery which is effective and long lasting. The battery is able to last up to six months depending on usage and proximity to the included Netgear Arlo hub. Also, the distance between the camera and the hub, how often you employ features like best video and live streaming, determines the battery life. The palm-sized camera has a 130-degree field of view and an automatic night vision. This is very important as the camera will be able to focus on a large area and capture an expansive area. The camera has an operating range of up to 300 feet from the hub, making it impressive and remarkable.

Netgear has been a champion in using the cloud service experience to offer cloud for storage of video cameras. This is the best innovation as it will allow you to access all the contents of the camera online from anywhere. Each kit is accompanied with 200 MB of free storage which is able to save a substantial amount of data which you can view or review at any given time from anywhere. After the memory is filled, you can delete previous footage or even transfer them to an external drive for future review in order to free the memory and allow new footage to be captured. The Arlo app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices which will allow you to access your footage through mobile means.

The cameras come with a hub that is used to connect them to your wireless network to ensure you access your content on the move. The best thing with this hub is that it is able to support up to fifteen cameras. This will be of great help if you decide to add more cameras. The hub can also connect other Netgear devices like door sensors, light bulbs, and others.

Security is a necessity we should all be concerned about. Whether you have kids at home, want to safeguard your office or business premises, Netgear Arlo is currently the best solution to offer you the sense of security and ensure your home or office is protected while you are away. With state-of-the-art features that this camera has, it comes with the following advantages:

– The cameras are easy to install and does not need services of a specialized technician, making it easy and inexpensive.

– It is wire-free making it convenient and easy to be mounted anywhere.

– The cameras have motion activation capabilities which notify you immediately it detects any activity via the smartphone app.

– The camera designs are all weatherproof meaning it can be mounted anywhere without fear of being damaged by harsh weather conditions.

– The cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities to let you monitor your premises day and night.

– The cameras record footage in crystal clear HD version which ensures you can clearly see every detail in the footage.

– The camera comes with internal storage space to let you capture every moment and also for you to review any detail of the footage when need be.

With Netgear Arlo, you can safeguard your home and have peace of mind and sense of security knowing that your home is well protected. Netgear’s Arlo is no doubt the best home security cameras in the market currently.