Reviews of Security Cameras for 2017

Cameras play a major role in our day to day lives by capturing the moments and experiences we encounter, but when it comes to security cameras, a lot remarkable recommendations and credits are made on it significance to our lives. This ideal special gadget is specifically used in monitoring homes and business premises against any illegal intruder who may pose some risks to you and your property. The core reason why people install these security cameras in their premises is to counter any form of robbery or attacks threatening their lives. These security cameras are always fitted at strategic positions where it can capture and record all the activities carried out inside the houses and premises. These security cameras are linked to the computer where all the activities recorded are viewed from and stored. Security cameras come in different shapes, sizes, prices and functioning according to the manufacturer specifications to satisfy the needs of the different users. Below are some of the highly recommended surveillance cameras for you.

Netgear arlo

Netgear made a remarkable move by launching thismini-camera gadget that has transformed the security level in most neighborhoods through its high quality capturing of 720 pixels assuring the owners of a full and clear view of their homes. This system comes along with two wireless surveillance cameras that can be fitted at any location in your home since one of its faces is magnetic and can sticks firmly unto a magnetic attracting base in your house. This security camera is reliable all through as it can withstand the climatic changes since it is waterproof. It’s ideal for outdoor security coverage since it has night vision feature and can detect movements. Its usage is consistent because its battery has a life capacity of up to 6 months without charging. Its recordings cannot be lost since it has cloud storage and it also has a free storage capacity of 200MB.

Netgear arlo Q

Having trouble with irritating payments for cloud DVR services??? Worry no more Logitech has covered all those costs by launching the free DVR Netgear arlo Q security camera. This wireless gadget is also reliable in providing full clear HD 7 days recordings for you thus playing a center stage in countering insecurity. This security camera records both video and audio and one can also communicate through the Netgear arlo Q. this gadget has a 1080 pixel video capture with a lens of 130 degree field of view. It can zoom up to 8x and it also has night vision feature.


Did you know you can take control of your home security right from your smartphone??? Canary security camera is the ideal product for you since its built with a smart sensor which can be linked to your smartphone hence get a security view of your home. This security camera has HD camera and it can also sense temperature, vibration and movements assuring the user of maximum security. This device sends you alerts about your home from wherever place you might be.

Logitech alert 750n

This security camera is perfect indoor security gadget that can record any form of insecurity in its 2GB storageeven at night in any given angle. It’s connected to a PC for its systems to run. It has an outlet cable connected to router ports which allows passage of communication. This device has an LED at the front that blinks in line with the functioning of this camera system. It sends notifications to the user in their mac of the whereabouts of its view. It has a field of view of 130 degrees with 720 pixels HD view.

Eyeball video camera

This security camera provides an ‘extra eye’ for the user with a maximum view of a 6 hour video and 1200 images. This device is fitted with an 8GB storage card which can save 320 by 240. Its battery has a life capacity of 2.5 hour before it’s again charged for a time period of 8 hours. For a clear view of its recording, you have to tie it on your forehead or strategically place it on a location with good view.

Teddy bear hidden camera

With the fast growing rate of theft in the current society, you cannot even trust your friend, neighbor or relative. This wireless 12 hour battery capacity security camera provides a clear indoor view assuring you of maximum security inside your house.

By reading through this article, I hope we will join hands in countering insecurity in our society through these security cameras that provides us with a view of our homes and properties thus easy to get hold of intruders with intentions to rob or harm.