The Future of Smart Home Security with Canary


The wake of recent and progressive advancements in Internet of Things (IOTs) and artificial intelligence has brought forth unprecedented positive changes on the outlook of home security especially in the design of intrusion detection systems and monitoring of living spaces. A normal internet user perusing home security reviews will undoubtedly admit that there has been a significant change in the way home owners visualize security compared to the recent past.

Previously, home owners relied on separate technical solutions for security to monitor their homes while away on errands. For instance, one would need to separately install closed circuit television cameras for visual real time monitoring, separate alarm and notification systems to state a few. With the introduction of integrated smart home security solutions like Canary, this has enabled users to beat this setback.

Canary is a sleek, ergonomic smart anti-intrusion device that works hand in hand with the user’s smartphone. Once Canary smart device is installed, the owner can then harness the power of the device’s smart sensors to keep track of several variables like motion, humidity, temperature and vibration.


Canary is a self-contained security solution packed with a high definition camera, a siren and an air monitor. The device exhibits and leverages on some aspect of artificial intelligence which is demonstrated in its ability to learn your home’s ‘rhythms’ with time and to act accordingly for different events.

With its very simple installation, which involves just placing the device on a shelf or a preferred location and connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the user can then tap onto the magic of Canary using their smartphone running either IOS or android operating systems. Canary is then able to send notifications and alerts to the user via their smartphone device.

A number of features render Canary as a very cool must have device for home security. The device has a built-in high definition camera with a crystal clear image sensor for seamless motion detection. The camera has a 147 degree wide angle lens guaranteeing you a large sweep radius of the field of view. This camera is also optimized for high quality night vision recording.

Canary is also installed with some home health technologies and indicators like temperature and humidity which are assessed by pulling in air from the outside into the device. Additionally, this device is packed with an accelerometer for fine tuning motion, ambience light and capacitive touch sensors for collection and analysis of external events.

Security-wise, the device employs a very secure 256-bit data encryption on cloud and a secure web transfer of data to avoid interception and compromise of data sharing between the device and the user’s smartphone. A built-in siren can be activated by the user by just tapping on their smartphone and can be used to sound an alarm and possibly thwart burglary attempts. Canary is ergonomic and user friendly enough.

This is a huge advantage specifically for users who are less tech savvy or not at all since they can easily set up the device and begin usage instantly! The device is stylish, light (about 396 grams), easily installable (just place at desirable point and connect to internet) thus enabling one to connect through various options such as via Wi-Fi, Wired Ethernet or even Low Energy Bluetooth.

Canary reasonably consumes low amount of power and even comes with a one year warranty if purchased from Canary or approved resellers. Finally, Canary gets to boast of a very cool feature in that it can adapt and even learn! The device can auto-adjust to user preferences. For instance with time, it can tell whether you are at home or away, can auto-arm your home and can even differentiate between ordinary and unusual events which is really smart!


However, one obvious setback is that the user will require a stable and reliable internet connection for effective real time monitoring which is a privilege for most ordinary users. The device is best used for streaming real time events and in the occasion that the internet connection goes down or is degraded, the user loses supervision of their home.

It also goes without saying that the user must employ a suitable power backup in the event of commercial power outage. Another major disadvantage of Canary is its portability. Unlike solidly mounted security systems, this makes it easy for someone to maliciously locate the device, unplug and even vandalize it.


All in all, various home security reviews suggests that Canary is a good value for every buck spent. Unlike the traditional security systems where one had to install the separate security subsystems and have the technical know-how, Canary is simple, sleek and an all in one smart home security solution.