Top 10 Best Personal Security Reviews

Personal security devices are important in ensuring that you are totally secure and safe from dangerous situations, criminal or malicious intentions of any ill intentioned individual. Most of these devices also ensure total security to your personal belongings against danger and public access. They serve an instrumental security function wherever you go at all times. If you have already made a point of acquiring any of the personal security devices, you ultimately understand how important these gadgets are in your own security as an individual as well as the security of your personal belongings such as your smartphone and bedroom. If you are yet to explore these unique devices, here is some good news about them. Below are important personal security reviews to equip you with full knowledge on the latest available personal security devices.

1. Kingii

Kingii is an effective way you can protect yourself from the dangers of water at any time, whether you are going to swim, fish or simply moving closer to any source of water. It is a simple solution to your safety while undertaking your adventurous experience in a mass of water. It is made up of a compact package that can easily be placed on your wrists which use ballooning mechanism to offer you with urgent rescue whenever you are caught in a dangerous aquatic situation.

2. Zero Hour Nightstand

There comes a time when you need to keep your personal item secretly concealed from the vicinity of others. At such a time, you will require no other gadget than Zero Hour Nightstand. It features a walnut veneer that perfectly contrasts with the blonde wood on fully operable drawers that can perfectly store secret things. You can comfortably have this extraordinary kind of furniture to hide some of the embarrassing personal items or basically items you would like no other person to access or see. It is advantageous and mostly preferred due to its easy-to-use nature, featuring a back which you can quickly tap to unlock on an instant to reveal your item and have it for your own personal use whenever you need it.

3. RescueMe Balloon

Love for adventure is a pleasant instinct for which you should never regret at all, however much harm it might have brought you. What you need to do in order to overcome such misgivings is simply find a remedy that shall forever protect you from any potential harm, accident or injury whenever you get out for enjoyment with your colleagues, friends and family. And that remedy is no other than RescueMe Balloon. This uniquely designed safety balloon uses LED and Helium lights as signals that indicate distress using flare gun concept in a rather unique way. With its ability to fly up to 150m meters, you definitely have a solution whenever confronted with a potentially dangerous situation requiring urgent rescue or intervention.

4. Key.Me

Key.Me is one of the latest apps that store your keys until a time you will require them, most probably when you get locked in your house or generally when you lose your keys unexpectedly. You may wonder how this happens, but you don’t have to, for it is such a simple concept, and in fact very simple for you. All you need to do is simply take a photo of your keys, ensuring that their ridges on both sides are captured on a clear background. You can then store them in your digital keychain on your app, downloadable on your iPhone smartphone. One day when you lose your keys, you will only have to restore your key by having it send to you via your app, and that is exactly where Key.Me comes in.

5. The Soft Key Lock

Soft Keys are a mystery on their own, featuring keys that can be aligned, with the keyway, and then injected into the lock in a chain-like manner. This will enable keyway to wind around your lock and make it absolutely impossible for conventional picks getting in and lifting the tumblers, which makes them simply unpickable. It is a misery you will love, enjoy and finally get secured with.

6. The KeyDisk 2

This is a redesigned and highly sophisticated Keychain that perfectly suits modern time use. Its several features have completely substituted a conventional keychain. Its durability makes it even more advantageous in addition to the fact that its sleek nature makes it comfortable to carry around, since it easily slides into any pocket size. With this convenient KeyDisk 2, you can carry up to 9 keys without much bulge or discomfort. Make an order today and have it shipped to you together with an attachment that allows you to carry your car keys FOB, giving you an easy time with your keys.

7. The Defender

The Defender is an ideal tool that has been specially designed in a modern and versatile way to offer 24/7 personal protection. Its design is unique such that it is able to carry out multiple functions as a single tool, all geared towards ensuring your safety at all times. Majorly, you will find this gadget with a mobile medical alert, self-defense tool, and an ongoing service alert, all combined in a single handy device. Its functioning is amazing! Using the Defender, you can easily attack your enemy by simply clicking a button and identifying them by taking their picture and quickly alerting emergency services. Other features include pepper spray, audible alarm and a flashlight among others. If you really cherish your own safety as an individual, why miss out this secure gadget?

8. The Blink

We live in a world surrounded by cameras from every corner, right from where we are now. But do you have any idea what negative impacts indiscriminate camera filming may cause? Sometimes, you just have to remain safe from those cameras and choose whoever you want to be filmed by. This not only safeguards you from anyone’s view but also ensures you avoid unpleasant scenarios in which you wouldn’t like to appear. To achieve this, the Blink is availed at your convenience so that at any time you don’t want to appear in the camera, you can simply slide the steel button over the camera and slide it off whenever you want to take your selfie.

9. Real Book Safe

If you need to safely store your documents and personal items such as passports and cards or even cash away from other people’s view, simply use Book Safe, a classic book-like gadget designed with a safe inside its cover to protect your valuables. No one will ever open that ‘book’ without your permission, for it can only be opened using its two keys. No one, even thieves can realize what is contained in it. In fact, no one will bother because they don’t read books anyway. Available at a cheap price, Book Safe secures your personal items, valuables, and documents in a way that you will definitely approve of.

10. Noke

This is another secure gadget that allows you to use and test the convenience it offers in securing your belongings. You can use it to lock your bike, locker among other possessions. It is operated with a high level of flexibility, such that the time you want to unlock it, you can either use keys or some specific combination. You need to be keen with whichever combination you adopt, especially as the only person using it.

In a nutshell, personal security tools are meant to achieve holistic personal safety and security, ranging from your belongings to your own self. The above comprehensive review allows you to make a systematic analysis to buy your favorite device depending on the urgency of your situation. The best thing is that the kind of service they offer is far much higher than the amount of money you will spend purchasing them. You are left with only one task- Making a decision to buy your personal security device. You can do it as early as today. Your safety is your life, do not gamble with it.